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Q+A with Janus

1. Where are you from?

I am originally from beautiful Vancouver Island in BC Canada

2. What’s your AM routine + drink?

My best days are often a reverse routine, like a dog walk with a long bath then work, its always coffee with steamed organic cream.

3. Where do you spend your free time when you’re not working?

Most of my free time is spent with my Mexi-rescue Serci, in LA we love Venice Beach or Topanga hiking trails. When we’re in Canada it’s on our family farm or local ski hill.

4. What are your favorite hobbies?

OOH hobbies… so hard! I have a sick love of vintage furniture shopping and particularly love odd mid-century chairs. I often end up with a bunch that don’t match... but I can’t help myself!

5. What is your go-to skincare product?

My go to product is the Elemental Sun Balm because it’s so versatile and works in every season. However there is no day that I don’t wear the Rad Face Oil because of the scent and skin-softening benefits!

6. You’ve traveled everywhere… where is your favorite place to land, and what product is always in your bag?

Most of my inspiration for AKT comes from the south of France and the desert of Baja, Mexico. They have similar ecosystems. In my bag is usually an Ilia lipgloss, dog treats, multiple sunglasses and some kind of protein bar.

7. What is your favorite food/meal?

My current food obsession is Harissa spice, I use it on poached eggs, salads, and my homemade turnip fries. It has a distinct flavour and slight kick that reminds me of my time in Israel.

8. What is on your ‘want it’ wishlist?

I’m currently doing a refresh on my bag necessities, and recently bought a wallet from Comme de Garcons, and reading glasses from The Book Club. I love good organization!

9. Dream Vacation?

My dream vacation for some real downtown would be a month in Sardinia where I have visited in the past, but Croatia or Turkey would be on the list!

10. Style Icon?

My style Icon is Romie Schneider, for her great French 70’s vibe, and of course @jennalyons is always on point!

11. Best book you’ve read in the last year?

Typically I have about 6 books by my bed that I rotate through, but I’m re-reading some old favourites like “A Journal of Solitude” by May Sarton, and I just finished Dr. Will Coles “The Inflammation Spectrum”, because I’m snack obsessed!

12. Bonus question: Who’s your Celeb Crush?

It’s always Daniel Craig or Idris Elba—distinguished men with accents!

Annabel Darling

Q&A by Annabel Darling (@thedarlingedit_)
“Annabel Darling is currently living in NYC. Fresh out of college she began working in Fashion PR/Marketing, at Bonpoint, traveling between Paris and NYC. She has a deep passion for travel, fitness, health and wellness, food, fashion and film. Travel specifically has always been a crucial part of her life since growing up in Manhattan with a Bermudian father and love of boarding school.”

AKT Therapy