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Our Founder

AKT Therapy was founded by Janus Auermann in 2016. 

Through her earlier work as private chef, Janus experienced many different parts of the world.Janus Auermann, founder of AKT Therapy

From the classical cuisine of Paris, to the bright and savoury aromas of Marrakesh and the Mediterranean, the exotic flavours of the east coastal islands of Kenya, each destination further inspired beautiful possibilities.

Exploring the local markets brought unique flavours and scents which emerged as potential formulas.

After moving to Baja, Mexico in 2016—with its sun-soaked days, chilled cool night winds, and with the desert at our doorstep she found inspiration: wild-harvested Baja lavender, jojoba, avocado, and other wonderful plants provided the base elements for our products.

The secret of every great recipe is the quality of singular ingredients, at the peak of freshness.

Fresh figs

Janus is originally from beautiful Vancouver Island, in B.C. Canada. These days, most of her free time is spent with her Mexican rescue dog, Serci.

Janus still loves to travel. When in LA, you can find her and Serci walking along Venice Beach or exploring the Topanga hiking trails. Back home in Canada, she spends time at her family farm, or the local ski hill.

AKT Therapy is about embracing and celebrating the art of the body, as in the German art form “Der Akt”. Janus’s German and Norwegian heritage have contributed to her belief that true beauty is an outward expression of your authentic inner self.

Janus and her dog Serci

AKT Therapy