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Akt Therapy Ultra Eye Balm and its ingredients

Akt Therapy Elemental Skincare is a line of luxurious, buildable, non-toxic protection from the elements.

The “aha!” moment came to me after a decade of world-wide travels. As a self-taught chef with clients in private aviation, my work allowed me to see and experience many different parts of the world. Exploring local markets for my recipes, I was able to immerse myself in their unique flavours and scents.

From the classical cuisine of Paris, to the bright and savoury aromas of Marrakesh and the Mediterranean, to the exotic flavours of the east coastal islands of Kenya, each destination further cultivated my curiosity. I delighted in discovering new ingredients, and the different ways they could be used.

Living and working in sunny climates, I was always in search of quality skincare products that offered protection from the elements. That’s when I first felt the need for comfortable and buildable skincare products with SPF protection.

After leaving my job, I moved to Todos Santos, in the Baja region of Mexico. The desert here is abundant in herbal inspiration and other extraordinary natural resources. Sun-soaked by day, and chilled by cool winds at night, the starkness of the landscape is rejuvenating. You can’t help but be confronted by the wilderness.

The desert in Todos Santos, BCS

When my father was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and dementia, it gave me pause for thought. It was a reminder not to take my health for granted.

Among other things, I considered the negative impact of the harmful ingredients in the products I used everyday. Harsh cleaning products, nail polish, solvents and formaldehydes have invaded our most intimate moments, our homes and beauty products.

I set out to concoct my own line of skincare products that would naturally protect, nourish and heal skin from the sun and the elements. I made the conscious decision to never use any chemicals or fillers in my formulations.

I looked to the desert for inspiration: wild-harvested Baja lavender, jojoba, avocado, and other wonderful plants provided the base elements for my products. I strive to use pure, organic, and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.


Akt Therapy is about embracing and celebrating the art of the body. I believe that true beauty is an outward expression of your authentic inner self. It is your essence. Clean, radiant skin is an extension of that philosophy.

Rituals of self-care encourage us to carve out much-needed personal time from our busy lives.

These moments can help us find peace, acceptance, and even joy. They empower us to recognize and appreciate our individual beauty.

You deserve to take comfort in your skin. To feel pleasure, tranquility, and contentment. I hope my products can be a part of this experience for you.

— Janus.

Akt Therapy Founder Janus Auermann

Janus Auermann

Founder of Akt Therapy

What does "AKT" Stand for?

Akt Therapy is about embracing and celebrating the art of the body, as in the German art form “Der Akt”. Both my German and Norwegian heritage have contributed to my belief that true beauty is an outward expression of your authentic inner self. It it your true essence.

Why "Elemental" Skincare?

Akt Therapy’s products are specially formulated to protect skin from the sun and the elements. Beyond that, they encourage and embrace a skincare routine that is clean and uncomplicated. We love plant-based ingredients because they are pure and simple, yet also luxurious and nourishing. Simple, clean beauty: Elemental Skincare.

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