Charity & Friends

Dog from local Baja Animal Outreach

Pescy Dogs

We care deeply about the health and wellness of animals here in the Baja region. We regularly contribute to Pescy Dogs, an outreach that provides shelter, medical care and helps find homes for sick, injured and abandoned dogs in the El Pescadero area.

You can learn more on the Pescy Dogs facebook page.

Puppy at Pescy Dogs Animal Outreach
Mother and puppy at Pescy Dogs Animal Outreach
Dog at Pescy Dogs Animal Outreach Animal Outreach

Dog Surf Competition Playa Los Cerritos Fundraiser

A dog surf competition is held every year at Cerritos Beach and all the local pups get to show off their skills! And the best part is that it's a fundraiser - all proceeds go straight to supporting Pescy Dogs. We are proud sponsors of this event, which is made possible by the collaboration and support of Baja Zen!

For more information (and more cute photos!) check out the Dog Surf Cerritos facebook page!

Dog with red lifejacket surfing
Bulldog surfing on a big wave
Dog waiting to surf at Los Cerritos Beach

San Cristobal Hotel

We work with the amazing staff at the local San Cristobal Hotel to help find homes for local puppies in need. Like us, San Cristobal cares very much about animal rescue in the region. When guests show interest in adopting, we work with staff to make it happen by bringing over dogs that are being fostered by us and others in the community. We are so happy to find new loving homes for these deserving pups!

Adopted dog with San Cristobal Hotel staff
Dog taking a shower at the San Cristobal Hotel
Adopted dog with San Cristobal Hotel Manager