D-Luxe Daily Bronzer by AKT Therapy
D-Luxe Daily Bronzer by AKT Therapy

D-Luxe Daily Bronzer SPF 30, 30g

Silky, lightweight D-Luxe Daily Bronzer protects skin from UV damage, while providing a natural bronze tint.

Extra virgin olive oil delivers decadent softness and hydration. Non-nano zinc blocks out the sun’s harmful rays. And the best part? It’s fortified with essential Vitamin D. (Since sunscreens are designed to filter out the sun’s rays, they also block the UVB light that our body needs to make Vitamin D.)

For a beautiful foundation with a natural, tinted, barely-there finish, use SPF 30 D-Luxe Daily Bronzer to nourish and protect your skin.


Active Ingredients: non-nano Zinc Oxide (25%)
Ingredients: Aqua (Water), *Olea Europaea (Extra Virgin Olive) Fruit Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), Tocopherol (Vegetable Vitamin E), Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), Iron Oxides (Iron Oxide).  *Organic  Non-GMO

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