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AKT Rundown: Clean Skincare & Sunscreen

Like most good ideas, AKT Therapy was born out of necessity. When founder Janus took a time out from her busy life as a jet setting private chef and moved to Todos Santos, Mexico to recharge, she quickly discovered a need for a good sunscreen. With her fair skin and proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, she needed one she wouldn’t mind wearing 24/7. When she couldn’t find something that was both clean and luxurious, she set out to “concoct” one herself and soon launched her clean beauty line: AKT Therapy.

Named after the German art of embracing and celebrating the body, known as “Der Akt”, the line reflects Janus’ belief that “true beauty is an outward expression of your authentic inner self.” Her products work together or stand alone. And, they’re not just clean, they actually nourish the skin with organic, plant based ingredients like wild-harvested lavender, jojoba and avocado oil.

D-Luxe Daily Bronzer

AKT Therapy’s D-Luxe Daily Bronzer is an instant glow up. It leaves skin looking luminous with just enough coverage to combat redness. Unlike many non-toxic sunscreens there’s no white residue, instead expect luminous, natural skin with a hint of bronze. The mineral zinc oxide blocks UVA and UVB rays (30 SPF) and extra virgin olive oil leaves the skin looking perfectly moisturized. Fortified with Vitamin D, this daily sunscreen in nothing short of a perfect skin hack. ($28 retail)

AKT Therapy D-Luxe Daily Bronzer with SPF 30

Elemental Sun Balm

AKT Therapy’s Elemental Sun Balm (30 SPF) is a triple threat. It’s a block, a base and a balm. This sunscreen doesn’t just protect, it’s all natural food grade ingredients actually heal the skin while giving sheer, dewey coverage. Non-nano zinc offers the most non-toxic broad spectrum protection. Grapeseed oil and cherry kernel oil deliver vitamins and antioxidants to calm inflammation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It won’t clog your pores and, like all of AKT Therapy’s SPF products, it’s cruelty free and reef safe. ($48 retail)

AKT Therapy Elemental Sun Balm with SPF 30

After Sun Botanical Toner

AKT Therapy’s After Sun Botanical Toner is a blast of clean hydration. Unlike any other toner on the market this product delivers! With a special algae based active ingredient it revitalizes skin by boosting and stimulating cell function of aging and UV damaged skin and is clinically proven to hydrates skin for 8 hours after only one application.
Labrador tea is delivers a huge boost of Vitamin C and was originally used by Indigenous peoples for its respiratory, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. Add this earthy herbaceous to your am/pm routine! ($52 Retail)

AKT Therapy After Sun Botanical Toner

Rad Face Oil

Rounding out the line is the dreamy, lightweight Rad Face Oil, to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Just a few drops morning and night will soak the skin in vitamins and antioxidants to reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness, and sun damage. Natural powerhouses like organic cactus seed oil, to improves skin elasticity, and organic cherry seed oil, to promote collagen production, feed the skin without clogging pores.I doused my skin AM/PM and also works wonders as alight bas, and easy application for the Sunbalm and Bronzer! (Retail $82)
AKT Therapy Rad Face Oil


Written by Allison Swan

AKT Therapy