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New Year — New Skin.

Skin Rejuvenation Routine

The new year has just begun. Traditionally many people entered it with new resolutions. And what is a New Year’s resolution? Something that goes in one year and out the other. Ba dum tss! In fact, approximately 80% of them fail to eventuate. The key to success is a routine. So if this year you promised yourself to take better care of your health in general, and your skin in particular, you’re in the right place.

We believe in a less-is-more, uncomplicated approach to a skincare routine. It allows you to be consistent and stick with it. That being said, you should vary your routine slightly depending on the day and how your skin is feeling.

But no matter your maintenance level, your skincare routine should vary from morning to night. When you wake up, focus on the protection from the pollution, sun, and various light waves. In the evening, switch gears and apply regenerating ingredients.

The main goal in our skin rejuvenation routine is to keep your skin looking and feeling its best, preventing and repairing damage, and minimizing irritation. It all comes down to five steps: knowing your skin type, cleansing, toner, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

Face oil dropper

Step One: Know Your Skin Type.

The right skincare routine starts with knowing your skin type. To find out your type, take an easy peasy day test. Observe how your skin performs from morning to evening on a regular day and answer these questions:

  • Does your face feel oily and look shiny? If yes, you have an oily skin type.
  • Does your T-zone feel oily but the rest of the face is mostly matte? If yes, you have combination skin.
  • Do you have minimal (or not at all) oiliness, flakiness, and redness? If yes, you have a normal skin type.
  • Does your skin feel tight and look flaky? If yes, you have dry skin.
  • Is your skin itchy or inflamed? If yes, you have sensitive skin.

One size fits all skincare products rarely work well enough. When deciding on products and solutions, pay attention to ingredients and make choices based on your skin type.

Step Two: Cleansing.

Dirt buildup can cause pore blockages, which allows bacteria to penetrate causing inflammation, which in turn can cause acne. Cleansing removes oil, dirt, and other unwanted elements on our face and helps to maintain a proper level of hydration. For the best results cleanse morning, night, and after exercising.


Opt for a gentle cleanser with antioxidants. Vitamin C is a great choice as it is one of the most abundant antioxidants in the skin. Topical Vitamin C targets wrinkles, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. It has been shown to increase collagen synthesis. In addition, it corrects hyperpigmentation and promotes wound healing. To be effective, a Vitamin C cleanser should have a concentration of at least 8% and should not be higher than 20% in concentration. Vitamin C is suitable for most skin types. But those with sensitive skin may feel some irritation from high-concentration Vitamin C products. Polyphenols are a better choice of antioxidants for sensitive skin.


Nighttime is about getting rid of the daily buildup and supporting skin repair overnight. If you’ve been outside or had a lot of sun, go for a cleanser with antioxidants which will help to reduce inflammation and redness. If your skin feels dry opt for moisturizing formulas. Wearing masks all day presents a special challenge. Oil cleanser will help to break down all of the makeup, sunscreen, and sweat. Try our Rad Face Oil as a nighttime cleanser. Just mix a couple of pumps with some water, emulsify, and massage into your skin.

AKT Therapy Rad Face Oil

Step Three: Toner.

A toner should be applied after your facial cleanse. Its purpose is to enhance the skin’s surface by unclogging pores, helping add essential ingredients, hydrating the skin, and providing additional cleansing. It can also minimize the appearance of pores and balance the skin’s pH. Is toner necessary for all skin types? Technically, no. But dry or oily skin can benefit from it. Our After Sun Botanical Toner contains identical moisture-retaining ingredients as Hyaluronic acid. It also contains Aloe Vera Juice which is a natural source of Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid controls skin oil production and is a must-have ingredient for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin.

AKT Therapy After Sun Botanical Toner

Step Four: Sunscreen.

If you care about your skin health at all - sunscreen is not negotiable. Wear it every day of the year, indoor and out. Besides the obvious damage like sunburns and redness, UV radiation is responsible for premature skin aging and has been linked to skin cancer. It is way easier to prevent sun damage than try to reverse it. Use a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. If you have dry or sensitive skin opt for a tinted sunscreen, as using too many products tends to irritate the skin.

AKT Therapy Elemental Sun Balm Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30

Step Five: Moisturizer.

The main purpose of a moisturizer is to hydrate the skin and leave it feeling soft to the touch.


Facial moisturizer should be applied after any serums and toners but before sunscreen and makeup. Normal skin needs a light moisturizer with ingredients like Argania Spinosa (Argan). For those with oily skin, there are non-comedogenic moisturizers, with Jojoba and Grapeseed Oil. If you have dry or sensitive skin, look for Aloe Vera. It is a natural humectant that locks in moisture and is filled with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.

TIP: If you use eye cream, keep it in the refrigerator to add a nice cooling effect.


At night your skin naturally regenerates itself. It’s the time to put on actives, not the protectors. To support natural collagen production look for compounds with Vitamin C and E, like Argan and Avocado Oil, and niacinamides, like Cactus Seed Oil.

TIP: To keep your skin well-hydrated overnight, place a cool-mist humidifier by your bed.

Remember to be in tune with your skin needs at the moment. This skin rejuvenation routine is not written in stone. If your skin is more oily, dry, clogged, or recovering from treatment - tweak the routine. If you are short on time - stick with the basics. And if you have time to throw on a sheet mask while catching up on the latest season of your favorite show, well, that’s just a bonus.

Written by Elena Popkova

AKT Therapy